ICM Final: Check In

For my final project in ICM I jumped out of the comfortable life raft of p5.js into the ocean of native javascript. It was a valuable transition, even though the ideal finished product wasn’t completed in time for class. I list various inspirations and resources for the code throughout, but they will all be reiterated… Continue reading ICM Final: Check In

Objects, Functions and Classes

I can binge and comprehend information quickly, but without steady practice I will lose that information just as fast. Relying on surface-level knowledge is a nasty habit that I’m trying to shake, but I fell into my own trap again when tasked with re-visiting code in this week’s Computational Media assignment. How did I, right… Continue reading Objects, Functions and Classes

Graph Paper: For Loops

During class we created a simple grid that could color individual cells depending on the mouse position. I immediately wanted to make a drawing program that replicated the experience of drawing on graph paper. It would also call on a few recently learned skills: buttons, custom functions, and a lot of variables.  The early parts… Continue reading Graph Paper: For Loops